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Technology Cost Analysis Guidelines
and References

Army Cost and Economic Analysis Center (CEAC) – This web site provides information about Army cost procedures, cost data, models, and research conducted by/for the Army CEAC.

Assistant Secretary of the Air Force (Financial Management and Comptroller) – This web site provides links to information on Air Force (financial management and comptroller) cost, cost data, and research, and on activity-based cost estimating.

Compendium of Cost Data for Environmental Remediation Technologies – The compendium is published Environmental Technology Cost-Savings Analysis Project (ETCAP), through the Los Alamos National Laboratory of the U.S. DOE. The compendium provides a representative sample of cost information for both conventional and innovative remediation technologies for the treatment of hazardous, radioactive, and mixed wastes. The compendium describes approximately 250 commercial or pilot-scale remedial projects. Cost data for the projects were gathered from a variety of sources (including Roundtable remediation case studies) and summarized to provide actual cost summaries, site characteristics, and comments about details of remedial projects. The cost information provided varies in level of detail.

Hazardous, Toxic, and Radiological Waste (HTRW) Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) – The HTRW WBS is a product of the Interagency Cost Estimating Group (ICEG), which consists of representatives from the USACE, Navy, Air Force, EPA, and DOE. The WBS was developed in three sections; studies and design (System 32), remedial actions (System 33), and operations and maintenance (System 34), and has been used as a common cost structure by federal agencies to assist in collecting historical costs. The ICEG mission continues with maintaining this structure with upgrades including new technologies and cost and performance data requirements.

Naval Center for Cost Analysis – This web site provides links to Navy cost procedures, cost data, and research.

Tri Services Automated Cost Engineering Systems (TRACES) – TRACES is the Tri-Services umbrella linking all automated cost engineering systems and their associated data bases. This web site, operated by the USACE Huntsville Engineering and Support Center, provides access to Micro Computer Assisted Cost Engineering System (MCASES) software and links to cost estimating and budgeting tools, such as Historical Analysis Generator (HAG), Life Cycle Cost, PC-Cost, Parametric Building Module, and Scheduling Interface, for authorized users supporting the DoD Military program and the Corps of Engineers Civil Works program.

USACE Area Cost Factors – Area cost factors (ACF) are used to adjust average historical facility costs to a specific project location, and to increase accuracy in comparing and projecting costs at a various locations. Once every two years, USACE surveys the prices of 34 items in a "market basket" in 188 cities. The results of the survey and consideration of several matrix factors are used in developing the ACF.

U.S. DOE/EM Applied Cost Engineering (ACE) Team – The ACE Team was established to promote continuous cost improvements through dissemination of cost engineering tools, methods, techniques, best practices, and lessons learned across the Environmental Restoration (ER) complex.