Anniston Army Depot, AL 


Wayne Sisk 



U.S. Army Environmental Center

Air TCE        Remediation of Air Streams Contaminated with Trichloroethylene Using Biofiltration at Anniston Army Depot [fact sheet] 
EPA DEMO SITE Emerging Technology

Naomi Barkley
(513) 569-7854

Biofiltration: "bioscrubber"

(Membrane Technology and Process, Inc.)

Air Beginning levels: 10-20 ppm Toluene

Attained: > 95% removal

EPA DEMO SITE Emerging Technology

Fred Bishop

Immobilized film bioreactor (gas- phase biofilter) Air Beginning levels: 10-1,000 ppm VOCs        
EPA Demo


Ronald Lewis
(513) 569-7856

ChemtactTM gaseous waste treatment Gaseous waste streams Organic and inorganics 85-100% removal of hydrocarbons 94% removal of phenol and formaldehyde Once through system with droplet size less than 10 microns and a longer retention time Gas scrubber Low volumes of liquid condensate Three mobile units currently available.
EPA Demo
Hamilton Harbor, Canada


Gordon Evans
(513) 569-7684

Thermal gas phase reduction Soil, sludge, liquids, & gases Organics and chlorinated organics 850 °C or higher Hydrogen reduces organics to smaller lighter hydrocarbons. Gas stream scrubber No dioxin or furan production.
DOE Integrated Demo
DOE Hanford Reservation

Steve Stein
(206) 528-3340

Integrated demo includes many technologies - no specific parameters given Arid zones or environ- ments with large vadose zones VOCs (TCE, PCE) at arid sites       Technologies include steam reforming, supported liquid membrane separation, in situ heating, and corona destruction.
DOE Savannah River High Energy Corona Air Field Scale Process        
DOE Hanford Reservation

Steve Stein
(206) 528-3340

Membrane Separation Air Beginning levels: 1000 ppm VOC

Attained: 95% removal

Field Testing     $2.5M cap;
$6K annual
Installation Restoration (IR) Site 9, NAS Northern Island, San Diego, CA Zenon cross-flow pervaporation system   Groundwater TCE concentrations were reduced on average from 200 milligrams per liter [mg/L] to less than 2 mg/L with 99% removal        
Dover AFB

Maj. Mark Smith

Catalytic oxidation system Air TCE emissions from air strippers Field test of various catalysts in a catalytic oxidation system      
Stamina Mills Superfund Site, N. Smithfield, RI 


James Kittrell 413-549-5506 

Photocatalytic Destruction

KSE, Inc. Amhurst, MA 

Air VOCs        AIR II Photocatalytic Technology for Air Streams [An EPA SITE Program document will be produced.] 
Naval Facilities Engineering Service Center (NFESC) Port Hueneme, CA


John Talley 805-982-5081

Photolytic Destruction 

Naval Facilities Engineering Service Center (NFESC) Port Hueneme, CA

Air Chlorinated Solvents        Photolytic Destruction Technology for Chlorinated & Petroleum Hydrocarbons TDS-2056-ENV 
Former Fire Training Area, Plattsburgh AFB, NY 



Flameless Thermal Oxidation

Thermatrix, Inc. Knoxville, TN 

Air CAHs, TCE, PCE        “Performance and Cost Evaluation of Flameless Thermal Oxidation for Vapor-Phase VOC Treatment,” Third Tri-Service Environmental Technology Workshop, 1998 
Wurtsmith AFB Oxidation Air & Ground water TCE   Inconjunction with Air stripping    
Former gasoline service station,
Santa Monica, CA
Oxidation Air & Ground water BTEX   Dual extraction    
Installation Restoration (IR) Site 11, NAS Northern Island, San Diego, CA Terra Vac pilot  SVE/ Air Sparging/ Catalytic Oxidation System Contaminated air from soil washing Up to 250 pounds (33 gallons) per day of VOCs was effectively removed from the vadose zone  and subsequently destroyed.        

Sources: Innovative Treatment Technologies: Annual Status Report ( Eighth and Tenth Editions, Nov. 1996 and Feb. 2001). Innovative Remediation Technologies: Field-Scale Demonstration Projects in North America (1st and 2nd Editions, Aug 1996 and Jun 2000).