Demonstration of a Polymer Coating on Contaminated Soil Piles at Naval Shipyard Long Beach, CA

Site Name:

Naval Shipyard Long Beach


Long Beach, CA

Period of

September 1997 - July 1998


Field Demonstration

Containment - SOIL-SEMENT® Polymer Coating
- Polymer emulsion; concentrate that was diluted with water prior to application
- Sprayed onto soil; dried for 2-3 hours; cured for 24 - 36 hours

Cleanup Authority:
Not identified

U.S. Navy
Mr. Dharam Pal
Phone: (805) 982-1671

Mr. Jeff Heath
Phone: (805) 982-1600


Waste Source:
Contaminated soil piles at cleanup sites

Type/Quantity of Media Treated:
- 11,000 cubic yard soil pile

Purpose/Significance of Application:
Field demonstration of a polymer coating for a soil pile to contain petroleum vapors and protect against erosion

Regulatory Requirements/Cleanup Goals:
- No specific cleanup goals were identified for the demonstration
- Objectives of the cover were to contain petroleum vapors and protect against erosion

- SOIL-SEMENT® coating has been in place since 1997 and is reported to have endured numerous rainstorms and high winds without dust or erosion problems
- SOIL-SEMENT® was used to replace a plastic cover that had failed

Cost Factors:
- Soil-Sement® costs for this application were $25,000
- Estimates to coat a soil pile with Soil-Sement® were 4 to 5 cents per square foot of surface area for an inactive pile and 5 to12 cents per square foot for an active pile

Stockpliles of soil at cleanup sites need to be covered to reduce particulate and vapor emissions and to protect against erosion and runoff. As an alternative to plastic covers, a polymer coating was tested on a soil pile at the Naval Shipyard in Long Beach CA. The demonstration, conducted by the Naval Facilities Engineering Service Center, in conjunction with the Naval Facilities South West Division involved testing the Soil-Sement® coating on an 11,000 cubic yard soil pile.

The Soil-Sement® was sprayed onto the pile and allowed to dry and cure. The coating has been in place since 1997 and has been reported to have been effective in controlling dust and erosion from the soil pile. The use of a polymer coating was found to be cost effective compared to a plastic cover and can be mixed into the soil for disposal.