Incineration at the Petro Processors Superfund Site, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Site Name:

Petro Processors Superfund Site


Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Period of

(Report ongoing covers 11/94 - 5/97)


Remedial Action


NPC Services, Inc.
500 Brooklawn Drive
Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70816
(504) 778-6200

On-Site Incineration

- Combustion of fumes and liquids from groundwater treatment system
- Incineration system consisting of a horizontal, direct-fired kiln
- Air fan delivers fumes and centrifugal pump delivers liquids to the unit
- Kiln temperature of 2,000° F to 2,400°F
- Blowdown from the system is pH adjusted with lime and discharged

Cleanup Authority:
CERCLA and State: Louisiana
- ROD Date: No ROD, Consent Decree took the place of the ROD
- RP-lead

SIC Code:
4953 (Refuse Systems)
Point of Contact:
Cynthia Kaleri
Remedial Project Manager
U.S. EPA Region 6
1445 Ross Avenue
Dallas, Texas 75202-2733
(214) 665-6772

Chlorinated Hydrocarbons, Polynuclear Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs), Heavy Metals, and Oils
- Hexachlorobutadiene and hexachlorobenzene

Waste Source:
Disposal of petrochemical wastes in on-site lagoons

Type/Quantity of Media Treated:
Liquids and Fumes
- 213,376 gallons of DNAPLs to date

Purpose/Significance of Application:
Incinerator treats liquid organics and air stripper fumes from a groundwater treatment system

Regulatory Requirements/Cleanup Goals:
Destruction and Removal Efficiency (DRE) of 99.99% for organic constituents of concern as required by Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) incinerator regulations in 40 CFR part 264, subpart O

Emissions and trial burn data indicate that all DRE and emission standards have been met to date

Cost Factors:
- Total cost of the incinerator is approximately $32,827,799 to date
- Approximate Total Capital Costs: $18,159,087 (including equipment, site preparation, construction/engineering, startup); Projected Future Capital Costs: $500,000
- Approximate Total Operating Costs: $14,668,912 (including maintenance, project management, sampling and analysis, supplies); Projected Future Monthly Operating Costs: $300,000 per month

Between 1961 and 1980, the Petro Processors Superfund Site operated as a petrochemical waste disposal area. A remedial investigation determined that soil and groundwater at the site were contaminated. A Consent Decree entered into Federal Court on February 16, 1984 specified that a plan of action be developed for the site. The plan included a groundwater treatment system which utilized an incinerator to treat liquid organics and air stripper fumes. Site cleanup goals and DRE standards were specified for the organic constituents of concern.

The treatment system began operation in November 1994 and is ongoing at the time of this report. The incineration system consists of a horizontal, direct-fired incinerator. A centrifugal pump and an combustion air fan deliver the liquid and fume waste, respectively, to the incinerator. The incinerator is equipped with an air pollution control system consisting of a quench tank; an HCl absorber/caustic scrubber tower; a particulate scrubber; and a entrainment separator.

The total cost of the remedial action is approximately $32,827,799 to date. Capital costs accounted for approximately $18,159,087 with a projected future cost of $500,000. Operation and maintenance costs accounted for approximately $14,668,912 with a projected future monthly cost of $300,000.