Groundwater Containment at Site FT-01, Pope AFB, North Carolina

Site Name:

Pope Air Force Base


North Carolina

Period of

11/93 - ongoing (as of 4/98)
Projected completion in 2001
Data reported through November 1996


Full-scale cleanup


Parsons Engineering Science

Free product recovery system consisting of four recovery wells and one trench. JP-4 is recovered using a pneumatic skimmer pump and stored in a product recovery tank.

Cleanup Authority:
Installation Restoration Program

Regulatory Point of Contact:
Information not provided.
Additional Point of Contact:
U.S. Air Force Air Combat Command

Total Petroleum Hydrocarbon (TPH), free product (JP-4 fuel):
- TPH concentrations in soil reported as high as 44,000 ppm
- 24,000 gallons of free product in groundwater

Waste Source:
Fuel Spill

Type/Quantity of Media Treated:
Groundwater and free product - the areal extent of the plume was estimated at 1.5 acres. Groundwater is encountered between 2 and 5 feet below ground surface. The total amount of free product removed as of November 1996 was 5,163 gallons of JP-4.

Purpose/Significance of Application:
Recovery of free product from groundwater

Regulatory Requirements/Cleanup Goals:
The operational objective of the free product recovery was to remove liquid-phase contamination as quickly and cost-effectively as possible to prevent continued contamination of surrounding soil and groundwater

Data on system performance were available for the first three years of operation (through November 1996). The total amount of JP-4 product recovered during this time was 5,163 gallons. Monthly removal rates ranged from 1 to 650 gallons.

Cost Factors:
The capital cost for the system was $289,000. The total cumulative O&M costs from November 1993 through November 1996 was $66,600. According to the report, accurate month-to-month O&M data were not available; however, the average monthly O&M costs were reported as $1,800. After three years of operation, the average O&M costs per unit of contaminant removed was $12.90/gallon of JP-4.

Site FT-01 is located at the Pope AFB in North Carolina. Soil and groundwater at the site were contaminated with JP-4 fuel. TPH concentrations as high as 44,000 ppm were detected in soil at the site. The areal extent of groundwater contamination was estimated to be 1.5 acres with an estimated 24,000 gallons of free product floating on the groundwater. In September 1993, 3,175 tons of contaminated soil were removed from the site. In November 1993, a free product recovery system were installed at the site to recover JP-4 fuel.

The free product recovery system included four recovery wells and one trench. A pneumatic skimmer pump was used to recover the JP-4, which was then stored in a product recovery tank. The system was operational at the time of this report (April 1998) and is expected to operate through 2001. Data on cost and performance are available for the first three years of operation (through November 1996). During this time, 5,163 gallons of JP-4 fuel was recovered, with the monthly removal rates ranging from 1 to 650 gallons. The report includes a graph of JP-4 recovered versus time. As of November 1996, the curve had not flattened, indicating that the operational objectives of the system were still being met.

The total capital cost for this system was $289,000. The total O&M costs through November 1996 were $66,600. Although accurate monthly O&M costs were not available, the average monthly O&M cost was $1,800. The average O&M cost per unit of JP-4 fuel recovered was $12.90 per gallon.