Groundwater Containment at Site OT-16B, Shaw AFB, South Carolina

Site Name:

Shaw Air Force Base


South Carolina

Period of

2/95 - 12/96


Full-scale cleanup


IT Corporation

Hydrualic containment through active pumping. One recovery well.

Cleanup Authority:
Installation Restoration Program

Regulatory Point of Contact:
Information not provided.
Additional Point of Contact:
U.S. Air Force Air Combat Command

Organic Compounds - Chlorinated Solvents:

- Trichloroethene (TCE)
- Tetrachloroethene (PCE)
- one plume contains PCE and TCE; one plume contains TCE only

Waste Source:
Fuel Spill

Type/Quantity of Media Treated:
Groundwater and free product - A total of 40.5 gallons of PCE and TCE were removed during this interim action.

Purpose/Significance of Application:
Groundwater containment of chlorinated solvents using active pumping

Regulatory Requirements/Cleanup Goals:
The operational objective of the interim action was to achieve hydraulic containment of the plume and to operate as efficiently as possible over a relatively long period of time.

-Data on whether plume containment was achieved was not available. Therefore, the report presents results in terms of the efficiency of the contaminant that has been removed by the system through August 1997.
- A total of 40.5 gallons of TCE and PCE (14.2 gallons TCE and 26.3 gallons PCE) were removed during the interim action. Monthly removal rates ranged from 0.16 gallons to 4.85 gallons of contaminant.

Cost Factors:
The capital cost for the interim groundwater containment system was $1,960,000. The total cumulative O&M costs from February 1995 through August 1997 were about $50,000. Monthly O&M costs ranged up to $10,436. The average O&M cost per gallon of contaminant removed was $1,512.

Site OT-16B , located at the Shaw AFB in South Carolina, is part of Operable Unit 2 at the site. The groundwater at Site OT-16B is contaminated with volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and two contaminant plumes were identified in the Upper Black Creek Aquifer at the site. One plume contained TCE and PCE ; the other contained TCE only. As part of an interim action at the site, a system was installed to provide hydraulic containment of these contaminant plumes through active pumping. The interim action system consisted of one recovery well which was operated from February 1995 through December 1996.

Data on whether the plumes had been contained was not available. Therefore, the performance data presented in the report focuses on the efficiency of contaminant removal by the system. Performance and cost data were provided from system startup in February 1995 through August 1997. During this time, a total of 40.5 gallons of TCE and PCE were removed from the groundwater, with monthly removal rates ranging from 0.16 gallons to 4.85 gallons. The total O&M costs through August 1997 was about $50,000. The average O&M cost per unit of contaminant removed was $1,512.