Soil Vapor Extraction (SVE) and Air Sparging at Three Drycleaner Sites, Various Locations

Site Name:

Multiple (3) Dry Cleaner Sites - SVE/Air Sparging


- Hooker’s Cleaners, Charlevoix, MI
- Sunny Village Cleaners, Livonia, MI
- Vicksburg Laundry & Dry Cleaners, Vicksburg, MI

Period of

- Hooker’s Cleaners, August 23, 2001, not specified (data available as of May 15, 2002)
- Sunny Village Cleaners, February, 1999, not specified (data available as of May, 2001)
- Vicksburg Cleaners, Summer, 1995 - November, 1997


Full scale

SVE and Air Sparging
- SVE and air sparging design was provided for one site - Sunny Village Cleaners. The SVE system consisted of 24 wells, with a radius of influence estimated from the pilot test to be 45 ft. The air sparging system consisted of 112 wells.

Cleanup Authority:

Varied by site

Chlorinated Solvents - PCE and TCE
- Soil concentrations varied between the sites, ranging from 2,000 µg/kg to 2,131,000 µg/kg for PCE and 23 µg/kg to 9,574 µg/kg for TCE
- Groundwater concentrations varied between the sites, ranging from 1,290 µg/L to 27,824 µg/L for PCE and 248 to 260 µg/L for TCE
- One site reported that DNAPLs were present

Waste Source:
Waste and wastewater from drycleaning operations

Type/Quantity of Media Treated:
Soil and Groundwater
Groundwater plume areas ranged from 52,800 ft2 to 57,600 ft2

Purpose/Significance of Application:
Remediation of chlorinated solvents in soil and groundwater at drycleaner facilities using SVE and air sparging

Regulatory Requirements/Cleanup Goals:
- Cleanup goals for soil were not identified
- Cleanup goals were based on state regulatory cleanup levels and ranged from 5.0 µg/L to 34 µg/L for PCE; the cleanup goal for TCE was 5.0 µg/L

- At Sunny Village Cleaners, 284.4 lbs of PCE had been recovered from the soil as of May, 2001
- Hooker’s Cleaners: the highest PCE concentration as of May 15, 2002 was 62 µg/L, thereby not meeting the cleanup goal. The system was scheduled to continue operation and then be turned off in late September, 2002, pending results of sampling at that time.
- Sunny Village Cleaners: 34.7 lbs of PCE had been extracted from the groundwater as of May 2001. No information was provided on the resulting concentration of PCE in the groundwater.
- Vicksburg Cleaners: Contamination in a portion of the site was reduced to acceptable drinking water cleanup criteria of 5.0 µg/L for PCE and TCE

Cost Factors:
A design and implementation cost of $251,552 was provided for Hooker’s Cleaners. Cost information was not provided for the other two sites.

SVE and air sparging were conducted at three drycleaner sites in Michigan contaminated with chlorinated organic compounds from leaks, spills, or dumping of drycleaning solvents or wastewaters. Cleanup goals for groundwater were based on state regulatory cleanup level, and ranged from 5.0 µg/L to 34 µg/L for PCE. The cleanup goal for TCE was 5.0 µg/L. Although all of the treatment systems removed contaminants from the subsurface, only one treatment reported to have achieved treatment goals for groundwater in a portion of the site.