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DST Matrix Abstract

Decision support tools (DSTs) are interactive software tools used by decision-makers to help answer questions, solve problems, and support or refute conclusions. They can be incorporated into a structured decision-making process for environment site clean-up. DSTs often support multiple functions, such as data acquisition, spatial data management, modeling, and cost estimating.

Project managers, site owners, environmental consultants, and other decision makers use DSTs in a variety of ways to support activities such as site assessment and remediation and data management, visualization, and optimization. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has briefly evaluated selected DSTs and developed this on-line matrix for users who wish to screen DSTs based on project-specific needs.

The matrix is a table that provides general information about each DST, such as the types of files that may be imported to, or exported from, the DST, the characteristics of applicable sites (contaminants and media) and the functions it performs. This diagram shows 12 different types of functions that the DSTs perform. Click on the function that interests you, and a listing of applicable DSTs will pop up - or click on "full matrix" to see all 20 DSTs in alphabetical order. All DSTs that were evaluated are free to the public.
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