General Meeting of the
Federal Remediation Technologies Roundtable

Evolution of Subsurface Remediation: Lessons Learned from Technical Challenges Achieving Site Completion

U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) National Center (Headquarters)
12201 Sunrise Valley Drive | Reston, Virginia 20192
Wednesday, May 9, 2018

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Overall Meeting Objectives:

  1. Identify and discuss case studies where remediation technologies were successful for a variety of soil and groundwater systems
  2. Share experiences and lessons learned that contributed to the operation of these successful remediation technologies
8:00 am Welcome
Geoff Plumley, PhD, USGS (Associate Director Environmental Health Mission Area & Acting Associate Director, Energy and Minerals Mission Area)
8:15 am Meeting Objectives and Administrative Business
Kent Glover, AFCEC/CZTE (FRTR Steering Committee Chair) &
Dan Powell, U.S. EPA/OSRTI (Meeting Moderator)
8:30 am Navy's Portfolio Optimization: In Situ Remediation Sites
Michael Singletary, NAVFAC SE
Download Abstract (1pp/57.2KB/PDF)
Download Presentation (36pp/2.65MB/PDF)
Download Handout (6pp/381MB/PDF)
9:10 am U.S. EPA Superfund Optimization: Progress and Outcomes
Kirby Biggs, U.S. EPA
Download Abstract (1pp/72.3KB/PDF)
Download Presentation (22pp/1.77MB/PDF)
Download Handout (4pp/618KB/PDF)
9:50 am BREAK
10:20 am Twenty Years of Multi-Agency Optimization Studies: History, Lessons, & Trends
Dave Becker, USACE
Download Abstract (1pp/76.3KB/PDF)
Download Presentation (15pp/775KB/PDF)
Download Handout (3pp/1.03MB/PDF)
11:00 am Lessons Learned from Desktop Optimization Effort for FUDS
Lindsey Lien, USACE
Download Abstract (1pp/55KB/PDF)
Download Presentation (10pp/582KB/PDF)
Download Handout (2pp/530KB/PDF)
11:40 pm LUNCH (available for purchase in the USGS cafeteria)
12:50 pm FRTR Agency Member Announcements
Download Meeting Announcements (6pp/146KB)
1:20 pm Lessons Learned Applying Multiple Remediation Technologies at Air Force Plant 4
Bruce C Alleman, PhD, Oneida Total Integrated Enterprises (OTIE)
Download Abstract (1pp/84.8KB/PDF)
Download Presentation (32pp/4.60MB/PDF)
Download Handout (6pp/1.13MB/PDF)
2:00 pm DOE-EM Soil and Water Assistance Team: Technical Support to Complex Sites
Carol Eddy-Dilek, Savannah River National Lab
Download Abstract (1pp/94.8MB/PDF)
Download Presentation (26pp/3.17MB/PDF)
Download Handout (5pp/675KB/PDF)
2:40 pm BREAK
3:00 pm Panel Discussion
Moderator: Dan Powell, U.S. EPA
Panel Members — Michael Singletary (NAVFAC SE), Kirby Biggs (U.S. EPA), Lindsey Lien (USACE), Bruce C Alleman (OTIE), & Carol Eddy-Dilek (SRNL)
4:15 pm FRTR Action Items
4:30 pm Closing Remarks/Adjourn

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