General Meeting of the
Federal Remediation Technologies Roundtable

Recent Advances in Sediment Remediation & Characterization

USGS Headquarters
12201 Sunrise Valley Drive | Reston, Virginia
Wednesday, May 11, 2016

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Overall Meeting Objectives:

  1. Improve communication and common understanding of recent advances in sediment remediation & characterization.
  2. Share experience and lessons learned in advancing best practices.
  3. Outline key issues and develop shared strategies to address them.
8:00 am Welcome
Don Cline, Deputy Director of Water, USGS
8:15 am Meeting Objectives & Administrative Business
Karla Harre, NAVFAC EXWC (FRTR Steering Committee Chair) & Joey Trotsky, NAVFAC EXWC (Moderator)
Joey Trotsky, NAVFAC EXWC
8:30 am Porewater Concentrations and Bioavailability: How You Can Measure Them and Why They Influence Contaminated Sediment Remediation
Upal Ghosh, UMD
Download Presentation (30pp/2.70MB/PDF) | Download Handout (5pp/637KB/PDF)
9:05 am Understanding the Relationships Among Low Level Metal Influx, Remediated Sediments, and Biological Receptors (SERDP ER-2427)
Anna Knox, SRNL
Download Presentation (39pp/3.85MB/PDF) | Download Handout (7pp/847KB/PDF)
9:40 am Posters
10:20 am Managing Chemical & Material Risks: DOD Emerging Contaminants Program Update
Paul J. Yaroschak, DoD
Download Presentation (33pp/2.18MB/PDF) | Download Handout (6pp/789KB/PDF)
10:55 am LUNCH (available for purchase in onsite Cafeteria)
12:00 pm FRTR Agency Member Announcements
12:30 pm FRTR Subgroups Update
12:45 pm Combining Mass Balance Modeling with Passive Sampling at Contaminated Sediment Sites to Evaluate PCB Sources and Food Web Exposures
Phil Gschwend, MIT
Download Presentation (39pp/4.37MB/PDF) | Download Handout (7pp/2.32MB/PDF)
1:20 pm Technical Guidelines for In Situ Sediment Remediation
Paul Schroeder, ACE ERDC
Download Presentation (25pp/864KB/PDF) | Download Handout (5pp/632KB/PDF)
1:55 pm BREAK
2:25 pm Reactive Barriers for the Passive Remediation of Chlorinated Solvents in Sediments
Michelle Lorah, USGS
Download Presentation (34pp/3.73MB/PDF) | Download Handout (6pp/2.49MB/PDF)
3:00 pm Carbon Amendments — Bremerton Case Study
Victor Magar, Ramboll-Environ
Download Presentation (22pp/1.12MB/PDF) | Download Handout (4pp/276KB/PDF)
3:35 pm Biofilm Covered GAC for Enhanced Bioaugmentation and Biodegradation of PCBs
Birthe Kjellerup, UMD
Download Presentation (32pp/5.70MB/PDF) | Download Handout (6pp/2.26MB/PDF)
4:10 pm Action Items
4:30 pm ADJOURN