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General Meeting

FRTR at 30 Years: A Retrospective of Applied Innovative Technologies for Successful Site Remediation

Wednesday, November 18, 2020 | 1:00 to 3:30 PM (EST)
Webinar Agenda

View/Download the November 2020 Agenda (1pp/148KB).
View webinar information on Clu-In at:

Meeting Objectives:

  1. Provide a retrospective on 30 years of interagency collaboration, technology transfer and advocacy by FRTR to advance technology innovation for site remediation.
  2. Highlight current FRTR initiatives in technology transfer and applied innovative technology that are contributing to successful site remediation.
1:00 pm Welcome, Meeting Objectives and Agenda
Kent Glover, AFCEC, FRTR Steering Committee Chair
Download Presentation (2pp/198KB/PDF)
Download FRTR Factsheet (4pp/3.65MB/PDF)
1:10 pm FRTR Retrospective: The Benefit of FRTR to Agency Missions
Dan Powell, U.S. EPA
Download Presentation (18pp/1.33MB/PDF)
1:40 pm Updates to the FRTR Website: Technology Matrix and Modeling Guidance
Michael Adam, U.S. EPA
Download Presentation (18pp/2.71MB/PDF)
Thomas Nicholson, U.S. NRC
Download Presentation (18pp/251KB/PDF)
2:10 pm MARSSIM Survey Manual Revision 2 Update, New Survey Approaches, Issues, and Advanced Technologies for Radiological Characterization and Survey
Boby Abu-Eid with Thomas Nicholson, Cynthia Barr and Mark Fuhrmann, U.S. NRC and Kathryn Snead, U.S. EPA
Download Presentation (30pp/1.31MB/PDF)
2:45 pm Agency Announcements
Kent Glover, AFCEC, FRTR Steering Committee Chair
Download Presentation (10pp/435KB/PDF)
3:15 pm Where Does FRTR Go From Here?
An invitation to identify federal agency priorities for upcoming FRTR initiatives
Kent Glover, AFCEC, FRTR Steering Committee Chair
Download Presentation (10pp/1.18MB/PDF)
3:30 pm Adjourn