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Remediation Technologies Screening Matrix, Version 4.0  
Appendix E.6 Technology Catalogue (First edition, February 1994)
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The DOE Technology Catalogue features technologies successfully demonstrated in the field and sufficiently mature to be used in the near future. Technologies to address the following are presented in the catalogue:

  • Buried waste.
  • Mixed waste landfill.
  • Underground storage tank (UST).
  • Volatile organic compound (VOC) contamination in arid soil.
  • VOC contamination in non-arid soil.

Several methodologies were employed to select and prepare technology profiles. Factors affecting the selection of technologies included the availability and quality of technical information and the maturity of the technology. The primary source of information for the catalogue was the ProTech Prospective Technology Database developed by Battelle Seattle Research Center for DOE. ProTech is a prototype electronic system including innovative technologies that are part of integrated demonstrations. Additional sources of information included technical task plans, conference proceedings, technical journals, environmental permit applications, and data supplied by principal investigators.

Technology entries are each two to three pages long and include the following areas:

  • Technology title and description.
  • Technical performance and cost data.
  • Projected near-term performance (1 to 3 years).
  • Applicable waste types and forms.
  • Development status.
  • Key regulatory considerations regarding the application of the technology.
  • Potential non-DOE applications.
  • Baseline comparison technology.
  • Intellectual property rights.
  • Points-of-contact (POCs) and references for more information.

A summary of the technologies presented in this document, organized by contaminant applicability, is presented in Appendix B.

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