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Appendix E.9 Treatment Technologies Applications Matrix for Base Closure Activities (Spring 1996)
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The Treatment Technologies Applications Matrix for Base Closure Activities was prepared as a collaborative effort by California Base Closure Environmental Committee ( now called California Military Environmental Coordination Committee) including the USAF Center for Environmental Excellence; USACE; U.S. Navy, WESTDIV; DOE; EPA, Region IX; California State Water Resources Control Board; and the California State Department of Toxic Substances Control.

A result of a 23-25 June 1992 base closure meeting in Sacramento, California, was a recommendation to develop a means for the transfer of treatment technology information currently available and applicable to Installation Restoration Program (IRP) sites at federal facilities. The California Military Base Closure Environmental Committee addressed this issue by forming a Process Action Team (PAT) to identify and evaluate (1) existing data regarding contaminant problems common to base closure facilities and (2) treatment technologies associated with those problems that have proven effective. The matrix was developed by the PAT to facilitate identification of potentially applicable treatment technologies that should be considered for hazardous waste site cleanup.

The matrix identifies the major categories of contaminants and contaminated media found at these sites and lists the treatment technologies that may be applicable. In addition to listing the technologies for each of the contaminant types, the matrix provides information on each technology, including advantages, technology restrictions, California sites where the technology is used, contacts with extensive knowledge of the technology, general comments, and references. Supporting documentation also includes a description of typical problem areas and the contaminants found at these sites. Comments on advantages and restrictions for each technology are noted in the matrix by references to the attached sections listing technology advantages and restrictions.

"Treatment Technologies Applications Matrix for Base Closure Activities" is available from California Military Environmental Coordination Committee's home page:

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