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Remediation Technologies Screening Matrix, Version 4.0 4.58 Non-Thermal Plasma
(Off-Gas Treatment Technology)
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Technology>>Air Emissions/Off-Gas Treatment

>>3.14 Air Emissions/Off-Gas Treatment

      >>4.58 Non-Thermal Plasma
Introduction>> Non-thermal plasma methods are particularly useful in pollution control where concentrations at the parts per million level are involved.


Figure 4-58:
Typical Nonthermal Plasma Diagram

Oxides of nitrogen and sulfur have been linked to a broad range of air pollution problems including acid rain and the atmospheric production of photochemical ozone. Efforts to control NOx emissions have lagged because of the generally low discharge concentrations of nitrogen oxides in combustion exhaust and because nitric oxide (NO), the major constituent in combustion-produced NOx is difficult to remove due to its low reactivity.

Electrical discharge techniques are emerging as successful methods for converting gaseous pollutants, such as NOx into inert or treatable species. Chemical reactions are initiated by the interaction of molecules with energetic electrons or photons. These electrons and photons can be produced in any number of ways, including the use of lasers and electrical discharges. Non-thermal plasma methods are particularly useful in pollution control where concentrations at the parts per million level are involved. 

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Nonthermal plasma techniques can achieve NOx emission control, technology for utility boilers; gas and diesel engines and prevention of ozone formation. back to top


Nonthermal plasma technologies are not yet tested on commercial systems

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Data Needs:

A detailed discussion of these data elements is provided in Subsection 2.2.3. (Data Requirements for Air Emissions/Off-Gases). 

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Performance Data:

 Nonthermal plasma technology for NOx control can be used retrofitted to any combustion system including gas and diesel engines.

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EPA,  Innovative Technology Inventory - University of New Hampshire, Technology Type: Air Pollution Control Technology Description

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Vendor Information:

A list of vendors offering Air Emission/Off-Gas Treatment is available from the Vendor Information System for Innovative Treatment Technologies (VISITT) developed by U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

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Health and Safety:

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